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FILX is in progress, Please prepare your wallet MIN. Wallets that accept MIN include: TokenPocket, TrustWallet, MathWallet, Binance Chain Wallet, imToken

Casting Summary:2100000000000 

Already min:94%  FILX

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What is FILX

FILX is a social experiment focusing on the ecological construction of Filcoin, which integrates Filcoin's application innovations. In the future, a consolidated liquidity pool leveraged transaction automatic system will be established to provide value storage on the chain. FILX Fair and impartial, no script casting.

About MIN

FILX Everyone must have ftm in their wallet. You need to use 3-5ftm each time, and you can only min one piece at a time. Can’t do it in batches, bring fairness and justice to everyone


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In order to allow more people to get FILX, we have opened up a reward mechanism. Every time you invite a new user, you will get another chance to receive the airdrop.